The LifeTonic Club

Could you do with a little help to prioritise your health in a realistic and practical way?

The Lifetonic Club is an online membership of busy woman all using simple and efficient at home pilates works to build strength, lower stress levels and boost their energy in ways that fit neatly into their day and easily into their life, meaning their health no longer has to be an after thought.

We are currently full and closed for enrollment but be the first to of unique opportunities to join us by signing up below.

April 7, 2022
7:14pm TZ

A fresh approach to investing in your health...

The LifeTonic Club aims to bring you simple, fun and efficient at home pilates workouts that you can easily fit into your day, making that all important investment in your own health easy to achieve:

  • you don't need 60 minutes to feel great
  • you don't need to pay a fortune to look after your health
  • you don't need to shake up your entire routine or spend fortunes on fancy equipment

You deserve to thrive in life and the tonics within The LifeTonic Club are designed to help you achieve just that; by meeting you where you're at, they remove the stress and guilt normally assoicated with trying to 'do it all.'

Small things often...

For years I took the 'one size fits all approach' to fitness which just added to my already exhausting to-do list and left me feeling even more worn out.

It wasn't until I was recovering from complete burnout that I discovered a new approach to looking after my health - one that allowed me to much more consistent and healthier.

3 years down the road it's given rise to The Lifetonic Club. The workouts and resources within The LifeTonic Club are designed to help you build strength, lower stress and improve your wellbeing in a way that doesn't overwhelm you but instead fits easily into your day and neatly into your life.

You can sign up to be notified when enrollment opens and to find out more about the 'tonics' included in the membership (hint: it's not just pilates!)

Julie Roberts

Entrepreneur, owner of Ostara Pilates and creator of The Lifetonic Club - a pilates and wellbeing membership that flexes around YOU by making the things that are good for you easier.

Put yourself on your own to-do list...

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