Do you struggle to build strength effectively...?

The pilates plank is one of the most efficient pilates exercises that builds strength FAST and you CAN do it!

Through this challenge, you'll learn to:

  • develop core strength efficiently
  • improve your posture
  • reduce back pain
  • increase your energy levels
  • and develop a better mind / body connection

You'll also learn good planking technique, why less is more with pilates, how to get started if you're new and how to easily incorporate the plank into your everyday life (yes really!).

PLUS, I'll share ways you can make modifications for things like your wrists so as you feel comfortable.

Ready to build strength the pilates way?

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build strength the pilates way...

30 Day Pilates Plank Challenge

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New to pilates? I have you covered with modifications for every level.


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